The Rise

[ENG]    When I had the idea of painting this subject, I had named it "The Fall", a reference to some books I was thinking about at that time (Nietzsche: "The Joyful Wisdom", "Thus spoke Zarathustra" and Alain Damasio: "The WindWalkers").

I contacted a model to work from solid visual references. She perfectly embodied this "Fall", I knew she would feed the feeling I wanted to create.
We met for “The Fall”and we fell... in love.

I decided to change the title of this painting, I wished it to be a “Rise” for her.
I dedicate it to Psyche, my model, my muse and my love.

«Three metamorphoses of the spirit do I designate to you : how the spirit becometh a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child.1» 

1 Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus spoke Zarathustra

[FR]    Quand j'ai eu l'idée de peindre ce sujet, je l'avais nommé «La Chute» (The Fall), une référence à certains livres auxquels je pensais à l'époque (Nietzsche: «Le Gai savoir», «Ainsi Parlait Zarathoustra» et Alain Damasio: «La horde du Contrevent").

J'ai contacté une modèle pour travailler à partir de références visuelles solides. Elle incarnait parfaitement cette «Chute», je savais qu'elle nourrirait le sentiment que je voulais créer.

Nous nous sommes rencontrés pour "La Chute" et nous sommes tombés... amoureux.

J'ai décidé de changer le titre de cette peinture, je souhaitais qu'il s'agisse d'une «Elévation» (The Rise) pour elle.
Je le dédis à Psyché, mon modèle, ma muse et mon amour.

«Je vais vous dire trois métamorphoses de l’esprit : comment l’esprit devient chameau, comment le chameau devient lion, et comment enfin le lion devient enfant.1» 

1 Friedrich Nietzsche, Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra

« Large landscapes fascinate me. I have always admired the strength that emerges from these visions. Before locking myself up into the workshop to represent these worlds, I am primarily a contemplative searching for spaces and atmospheres. I think this is the "outside the frame" that I pay particular attention to, this tiny nuance that transforms a space into a story. Time that shapes the tree and forces it to adopt a posture, the erosion of the stone

which distinguished this very one from all the others, the wind modifying the moor and forcing the hawthorn to grow horizontally. These shrubs you identify in the hilltops of Devon or the paintings of Hokusai. I have a special affection for ruins : this spaces where time becomes tangible, somewhere between civilization and wilderness. I try to to offer these places a population whom inhabits them, which integrates them with consistency. To feed the depth of these scenes, I opted for the use of gold leaf which generate background by their way of reflecting light. Thus are born twilights and dawns. »

« Some painters have impressed me at the highest point, they feed me through their eyes and their approaches. These masters of the past and present, invite me to follow this way. Their explorations of classic themes accompany me everyday. »

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[ENG]    First sketch I did for "The Rise" (structure, symbols, ideas) :

[FR]    Premier croquis  réalisé pour "The Rise" (structure, symboles, idées) :

[ENG]    Creation process and WIP :

[FR]    Processus de création et WIP :

[ENG]    Vignette frame I created on tracing paper, before creating it with gold leaves :

[FR]   Cadre de vignette que j'ai créé sur papier calque, avant de le créer avec de la feuilles d'or :

[ENG]    Two parts of the artwork are in relief : the thistles at the bottom of the vignette frame and the roses at the top of the vignette frame :

[FR]   Deux parties du sujet sont en relief : les chardons en bas du cadre de la vignette et les roses en haut du cadre de la vignette :

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